Why consider the SEEBRI NEOHALER device?

SEEBRI NEOHALER is a COPD inhaler and provides audio and visual cues each time you use it

Always refer to the complete Instructions for Use when you take your treatment.

Feedback you can see and hear each time a dose is inhaled:

NEOHALER® making a whirring noise

Soft whirring noise: SEEBRI NEOHALER makes a whirring noise when you inhale the medication. That confirms the capsule is being placed in the chamber correctly.

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Clear capsule: After you finish a dose, open the NEOHALER and examine the SEEBRI capsule. The clear capsule allows you to see if any powder is remaining after inhalation. If you see any powder, simply inhale the remaining dose.

Do not swallow SEEBRI capsules. SEEBRI capsules are for inhalation only with the NEOHALER device.

SEEBRI NEOHALER should be taken twice every day, once in the morning and once in the evening to help control your COPD symptoms.


Watch this video for a demonstration on how to use the SEEBRI NEOHALER device.

Read or download the full Instructions for Use. Print out a copy to review and keep for reference.

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Why should I consider SEEBRI NEOHALER? 

What are some facts about SEEBRI NEOHALER? 

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